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The Worthy Institute

Camp L.Y.F.E is for boys and girls ages 11-15

The Worthy Institute is proud to introduce our3rd annual Children\'s Obesity Camp. CampL.Y.F.E is for boys and girls ages 11-15. Campers will have a selection of various activities to participate in each day. Activities ...

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Take Over Friday…we must be in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ March 1, 2014.  Black Book AZ is raising the roof again.  The successful and much requested Take Over Friday (TOF) returns.  TakeOver Friday March 14th at 5 pm to 8 pm.  Located at the Ritz Carlton’s Bistro W...

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Knowing John Beckett is to Know the Influence He Has

How do you surprise the well-known photographer and horseman, John Beckett? First, you tip off the cashier, Hana, while waiting.  “Hey you like, Oprah? A photographer‘s coming in that…”  Beckett arrives.  Hana,...

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  • John Beckett Fundraiser EventJohn Beckett Fundraiser Event
  • 21st Carefree Art & Wine Fest.21st Carefree Art & Wine Fest.
  • Diversity Conference & AwardsDiversity Conference & Awards
  • 4th AA Symposium on Disabilities4th AA Symposium on Disabilities



  • TakeOver Friday Wrigley Mansion TakeOver Friday Wrigley Mansion
  • Monsoon Monday for AG Felicia 20Monsoon Monday for AG Felicia 20
  • GPCC Aug Mixer 08-05-14GPCC Aug Mixer 08-05-14
  • Dr. Banton graduation day 05-05-Dr. Banton graduation day 05-05-
  • GPBCC Black Phoenix United - MayGPBCC Black Phoenix United - May
  • AZ Jazz M.U.S.I.C. FoundationAZ Jazz M.U.S.I.C. Foundation