Hello AZBP Family,

Can $1.00 position you for up to $500.00? It did for one of our readers.

The #1 mistake salespeople make is they try to sell the unsellable. We cannot sell you on your own desire to empower our collective community. You and many like you want to see our collective community succeed. Here is your chance to participate and invest more than lip service.

We will no longer spend time trying to convince those that don't want to be convinced. We will however reward those who are with us. Time is our #1 asset...don't waste it, do it moving.

Our Black Economic Empowerment is on the rise. We have already started, appropriately in the month of love and have a winner already. View video link for how we are moving forward with your participation in mind (4:12). https://youtu.be/ILYLRFYNEVM.

Rewards will come, the question is will it be to you?

Please share this wealth of information, and perhaps someone in your organization, group or family will be the next winner. Winners drawn the 15th of each month and announced the 1st week of each month. The more you share, the better the payout.



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